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    Nutritional science combined with the goodness of grandmas’ age-old recipes and the power of good burps, we present to you ~ NutriBurp. A home-grown, family-first, organic food brand that solves every parent’s biggest concern- improving their kid’s health with delicious, no-nonsense, on-the-go food. A common stereotype suggests that it’s the mom’s job to cook for their kids and worry about things like high sodium levels and the % of trans-fat in their meals. Well, not in this age! Dads are equally sensitive about what their kids eat, wear, and watch. NutriBurp was created when two such dads met for coffee after a long lockdown, and their friendly catch up led to a heart-to-heart about the lack of easy, preservative-free, organic food options for kids


    Our founders, Nitin and Utkarsh first met each other 12 years ago in Lancaster, UK, while pursuing their Masters degrees. They have been best friends ever since. Their passion for food and cooking is what tied them together. They would shop for organic ingredients and be in the kitchen for hours cooking up a storm. They were always ready to hit the streets and try new food. Nitin and Utkarsh were always impressed with the variety of clean, gimmick-free snacking options in the UK. Their time together in Lancaster was just the beginning of a decade long friendship and a future partnership. One day after the months of tedious lockdowns were lifted, these besties decided to catch up over coffee. While discussing their concern for their kids' health and the food choices available in the market, they had their eureka moment. Today, this super-dad duo is proving that fathers care much more than they’re given credit for. They’re breaking the shackles of gender roles and nurturing their kids the way they see fit


    Parents are always extra cautious when it comes to their tots. Nitin and Utkarsh were too. They strongly believed in food having the power to directly affect our health. Long before NutriBurp was formed, they would spend hours researching ingredients before offering anything packaged to their kids. They were worried because toddlers around the world are constantly developing major health issues due to poor nutrition, caused by poor eating habits. They found that consuming too many processed foods with artificial flavours, preservatives and added sugar, coupled with mindless eating in front of a screen was the biggest culprit. This caused common illnesses like tooth decay and blurred vision to more serious problems like obesity, diabetes, and low immunity. All of which could easily be prevented with the right kind of diet. And then the pandemic hit, which took an unusually large toll on kids, exposing them to even more junk food and increased screen time, while parents tried their best to juggle long work from home hours. During this time Utkarsh and Nitin kept hunting for the best food brands for their toddlers but were highly disappointed with the mediocre options in the market. The healthier options were not yummy enough for the kids. And the unhealthy ones were addictive. They couldn’t trust brands with un-backed claims, and questionable ingredients. A clean food label with no ifs and buts was the need of the hour. So one day, they said to themselves, “Why don’t we create something our kids love and we trust?” Utkarsh’s operations and marketing expertise, combined with Nitin’s organic farming and finance background, was the perfect blend of wits, material, and skills they needed to make their vision a reality. And to their surprise, they found dozens of parents who had similar concerns and felt exactly the same way! That was all the motivation they needed


    “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” ~ Very true in our dynamic duo’s case. Their brilliant wives have been supporting them in the backend. From brainstorming recipes, to deciding names, branding, marketing, customer outreach, they’ve done it all. Nitin’s wife; Prerana manages the Legal, Compliance, & PR departments. Utkarsh’s wife; Esha handles all things digital marketing. Together these power couples wanted to develop foods that kids loved, without compromising on the purity of ingredients. A team of Nutritionists, Pediatricians & Food manufacturers was put together to understand the benefits of various ingredients, nutritional quotas of kids, and to figure out the best recipes for them. With Nitin’s chain of Organic Farms across India, it became increasingly easy for them to source the freshest, cleanest, organic produce. All the organic ingredients- veggies, fruits, grains, herbs, would come from there. After extensive research, multiple formulation changes, and rejecting dozens of food combinations, they finally found their top 3 products~ Bowls for mealtime, Gummies for supplements, and Meltooz for snack time. From that point, there was no looking back

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