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Almond Heart Millet Puff - NutriBurp

Almond Heart Millet Puff - NutriBurp

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This delightful treat combines the subtly sweet flavors of almond flour, millet, and cardamom for a delicious snack that won't leave you feeling guilty! Our Almond Millet Hearts are baked with no oil, maida, preservatives, or added color - so you can snack happy knowing you're getting only the best. Plus, corn meal, gram dhal, and jaggery powder make these bites even more crave-worthy!

Each Pack is weighing - Fifty Five grams

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Customer Reviews

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Millet Power!

Packed with the goodness of almond and millets, these hearts offer a nutritious punch. Almonds bring their protein and healthy fat content, while millets provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Anamika Seksaria
No Guilt, Just Goodness:

Snacking without guilt is possible with these hearts. Made with jaggery powder and natural ingredients, they offer a guilt-free indulgence packed with essential nutrients.

Rajesh Shah
A Wholesome Snack:

Nutriburp's Almond Millet Hearts are not just a snack; they are a wholesome treat designed to please taste buds and nourish the body, making them a must-have addition to any pantry.

Divya Kale
Travel and School-Friendly:

Conveniently packed and mess-free, these hearts are a hassle-free addition to travel bags or school tiffins, catering to busy schedules without compromising on nutrition or taste.

Ritika Kedia
Ideal 4 PM Snack:

Whether it's that mid-afternoon slump or a quick energy boost, these hearts are the perfect 4 PM snack, providing a burst of flavor and nutrition to power through the day.