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Multivitamin Chyawanprash Gummies - NutriBurp

Multivitamin Chyawanprash Gummies - NutriBurp

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Getting your toddler to finish their meal every day is a task and a half.

Especially with the dozens of “fun” unhealthy snacks in the market.

But they still need a balanced diet with the right dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber during this crucial developmental age.

And, we all know how introducing a “no-fun” dietary supplement, almost always ends in a screaming kid and a bad headache.

Keeping your struggles and the little one’s immediate dietary needs in mind, NutriBurp presents India’s very first all-natural, Honey-based Chyawanprash Gummies for toddlers & kids.

These cute, easy-to-chew, delicious golis are a blend of the 5000-yr old Ayurvedic science and modern technology, formulated to fill in for your picky eater’s incomplete diet.

Enriched with 50+ Ayurvedic herbs & immunity-boosting superfoods like Giloy, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Honey, and Tulsi, our gummies strengthen the body’s internal defence mechanism, protect against day to day infections, and enhance your little one’s stamina.

This best-seller is the most wholesome way to introduce your child to the goodness of Chyawanprash, without having to force them at all.

Regular gummy consumption helps enhance your kid’s energy levels, improve digestion, prevent infections, eliminate blood toxins, and regulate muscle growth.

Pack of 1 contains - 30 Gummies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Eshq Kasliwal

My son is absolutely obsessed with these. I genuinely feel these have also helped his immunity up. I had stopped in the middle but definitely starting them again.

Eshaan Rao
Strong Bones, Happy Kid:

"With concerns about bone density, these gummies are a game-changer. My child's bone health seems robust, and I credit it to these tasty gummies!"

Niharika Tiwari
Happy and Energetic:

"My kids used to tire easily, but these gummies have changed that. They're more energetic and seem happier overall. A must-have in our routine!"

Arnav Dubey
Multivitamin Marvel:

"These gummies are a powerhouse of multivitamins! My kids love the taste, and I love knowing they're getting their essential nutrients daily."

Kyra Bhatia
Immunity Booster Extraordinaire:

"In today's world, immunity is key. These gummies have become our go-to for keeping my kids healthy. Fewer sick days, more playtime!"